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Home Care Services


Primary Care Provider (PCP) Services:

In-person and telehealth/telephone appointments for homebound patients. Our providers are expert clinicians who are educated to assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.  We can prescribe medication, refer you to other medical and ancillary services, and determine your disability status.

Transitional Care Program/ Post Hospital Discharge Care:

For patients recently discharged from the hospital or acute care setting. The program aims to prevent hospital readmission and improve overall patient morbidity and mortality rates. We provide complete follow-ups with patients immediately after their discharge with appropriate referral paperwork. We evaluate the patient’s hospital course, treatment, and reconcile their medications appropriately to ensure their condition continues to improve.  We provide referrals to restorative services like physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and home health nursing.


CMS Annual Certifications

In person evaluations for initial certification and renewals for homebound patients


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