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ALOHA ADVANCED CARE - Innovative solutions for managing your health at the comfort of wherever you call home.


At Aloha Advanced Care, we provide comprehensive medical evaluations by experienced nurse practitioners in the comfort of wherever you may call home. Evaluations are done via Telehealth or at your residence.

Our team consists of nurse practitioners and staff who are motivated by the sole purpose of improving healthcare outcomes for our local population- especially our kupuna. Our philosophy of care is holistic and emphasizes disease management, prevention and health promotion.​

Studies conducted by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs have shown that patients who are consistently evaluated and seen by providers at home experienced improved morbidity & mortality rates, lower ER visits, lower readmission rates, and overall better health outcomes.

We provide compassionate care to patients who are recently discharged from the hospital, those unable to visit a clinic due to a disability or chronic medical condition, those affected by multiple medical conditions who cannot be evaluated fully during a clinic visit, and those with complex medical concerns.

During a home visit, our providers identify primary and secondary medical issues and provide comprehensive management plans and recommendations for each condition. We partner with specialty and ancillary services and with home health providers to keep patients healthy at home with the goal of preventing unnecessary hospitalizations.

Our Staff

Abby pic.jpeg

Abby Amirdash, APRN
CEO & Medical Director

Aloha and Mahalo for taking the time to get to know me.


I have over two decades of national and international experience. I graduated as an RN in 1998 earning my BSN in Lebanon and graduated as an APRN in 2013 from Texas Woman's university in Houston. For the majority of my career, I lived & practiced in Houston, Texas. I had the privilege to work at one of the top & world known Cancer & research facilities, MD Anderson Cancer Center, for 15 years. There, I was recognized with the award of “Outstanding Clinician”  two years in a row along with other minor awards for excellence in practice. I served in many roles in healthcare throughout my career, including clinical, educational, and administrative positions. I have worked in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & the US. I relocated to Oahu in 2017 as it reminded me of my fond childhood memories growing in Beirut. I remember spending almost every weekend of the summer going to the beach with my Ohana and our neighbors. We would spend the day swimming, free diving and hanging out with family & friends.

Living in Hawaii, I recognized a critical need among kupuna for safe and accessible care, especially during the pandemic. I  turned my focus to serving vulnerable patients with difficulty leaving their homes for appointments.  I care for my elderly father and understand the responsibility for caring for an elderly patient.

My philosophy of care is that your healthcare is a partnership between us to improve and maintain your health. My approach is holistic and wholesome that abides by evidence based practice and guidelines. 

I enjoy spending time with my family, pets & friends. I have dogs and cats. I enjoy gardening, meditating, hiking, swimming, stand up paddling and cooking.

I look forward to meeting you and Mahalo for trusting me with your health.

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